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 Powerpoint presentation has been a great tool handed over to mankind to make an impact in meetings & also for teaching & at times, for preaching as well.  Slowly, we graduated our whole professional & academic life on to it. Companies started dishing out standard PPTs for all & sundry to make an impact out it.  Being hands on, thus started losing currency & packaging  came to rule the roost.  Even the hands on guy has to take their assistance, go by their packaging & advice to make an impact.

 Do & show is the modern adage.  Demonstrated capability was its synonym on UN CVs.  The practitioner has to be the performer & he is ideally suited to the make the best out of it.  Beyond a point the packaging will go unstuck for the individual, the company & also the society at large, we are in the midst of it.

 Why 95 % of professional Software engineers are unable perform in their specialisation & for the demand is insatiable.  Are the professional colleges averse to creating Hands On guys & at what cost to the nation & the industry. This is only one example & the world is abound with such examples,  in literally every field.

 It is sad commentary of our educational system that PPT s have come to stay both for the teacher & the taught.  Does the teacher have the capability to transform his students into hands on products.  Only those who have this capability need to stay in the system which is mandated to create competencies in our next generation.  It’s not a battle of CGPAs / percentages / hundred percent results & placements.  The world can no longer be fooled by that.  In all CVs,  we find a mention of outstanding communication skills – written & oral.  How many CVs have been written by candidates, who are supposed to pen, their credentials themselves.

In the world of cut throat competition  only Hands On will prevail pushing others in professional dustbin  sooner than later. Musicians, dancers, sculptors et al are prefect examples of Hands On.  Skilling is the skill we are missing.


 Sanjay Sahay

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