Daily Post 1468


In normal times everything was looking hunky dory, the cash registers kept ringing and operations in any sector meant a few meetings, supervising and monitoring on set goals, through an well oiled machine. COVID-19 has changed it all. The fluff is wearing out, the stories of turn around don’t happen, the delivery experts are scooting, the crisis managers have become bystanders; where the cracks are nobody knows or is it all over the enterprise and the ecosystem. The claims of managing the crisis are turning out to be hollow. Have we lost narrative now or where we in the wilderness for quite sometime now. Has COVID-19 only accentuated the lost narrative and brought it to fore in a very conspicuous manner. Besides the new areas of business and economy, education and governance are also giving way.

Tech in education has been a done and dusted story, but when it actually came, even six months down the line, there would hardly be an institution which has mastered it all. Do they have the operational capability to merge the domain and the technology into a seamless teaching pedagogy and exam taking & evaluation mechanism. Have we developed the capability from creation of multimedia content to proctoring on specialised technical platforms created specifically for this purpose. Rather than having got into it lock, stock and barrel to create a robust online system, the schools, the boards and students keep waiting endlessly for the schools to reopen, whenever it happens.

The much touted medical tourism destination is still in serious throes of this pandemic, breathlessly waiting for the pandemic to at least plateau. How did we lose the initial lead? The strength of medical infrastructure even at the level of coordination gave way. The private hospitals issue brought the medical and governance conscience itself in a bad light, notwithstanding the patient’s battling for medical treatment and many a times life. The covid care centers have their own intertwined story. Initial hitches not withstanding, the robust, mechanical and caring system should have been in place long time back. The disposal of the dead at places displayed a totally dismal face of our system. What about the plight of the non-COVID-19 patients?

The simplicity of an alleged / suicide investigation was completely taken over by its created complexity. What a sub-inspector should have done has been taken over by media, 24/7 for the last couple of months. People don’t know today, as to where it all started but the business of death is bullish. The complete lack of knowledge, law and propriety is the real narrative, whatever might be the narrative. It will end up where it all started. The recent death and murder investigation and succour has completely veered away in the different direction. Whosoever might be responsible or if all are responsible in their own way, fair investigation which should seem to be fair and rule of law have been the clear casualties.


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