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The final aim of Command & Control Center, necessarily is, what we can conveniently call  Intelligent Convergence.  The need of convergence cannot be overemphasised & there is  overwhelming technical effort  to achieve the same, has still  not yielded the real concrete results . The technical convergence would emanate out of the   domain & its functional convergence.  Technical convergence is the enabler of functional convergence delivering magical results.

 Functional convergence would decide the functions needed to be integrated in the kind of value add format.  As an analogy, we can talk about creation of  ERP,  after years of working in silos. The ERPs which got created on a modular model, gave the  best of modular & the integrated models.  Moving a few notches higher with the growth of IT as a general public purpose technology,  ERP, Dial 100, CCTV networks, TETRA Public Safety Network, Disaster management, filtered social media feeds  et al, ought to converge in the start of art Command & Control Centers.

The understanding of domain from a conventional point of view is not enough.  Data & the value perspective  has to be added to the domain. Otherwise, data remains held up in digital data tombs & an  integrated dashboard, becomes another display for viewing pleasure,  supposedly declaring your digital arrival.

The technical convergence can be initiated with the  technical matrix  of the components, which are in place & either have a  compatibility to the proposed system  or can be done with minimal effort.  The maturity of silos is of critical importance.  The missing components cannot be left out & should be integrated into the design, for later modular integration.  Software stitches the feeds into  an intelligent fit.  Enhanced performance proves it’s success.

The capability to envision the  business plan of convergence  & what  disruptive value add  can generate, is the game changer.


    Sanjay Sahay

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