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 In a country where resources; infrastructure or otherwise, is in short supply, what is amazing, is that we have not learned the art of sharing resources.  The infrastructure gets created with lots of effort, painstakingly, leaving it idle for long periods is a criminal waste.  Think of the resources all around you & you will be able to comprehend the nature of waste.  Increase in usage by a small 25%,  can make a great difference.

For sharing to happen, the first step is the  inventory of resources.  The  usage pattern  of the available resources needs to be mapped to create  matrix of available time,  for each individual resource, terms & the hire charges. The hire charges can be different, depending on organisational goals.  Just use this formula for auditoriums in a city & see is the difference.

Infrastructure has a  recurring cost to keep it operational,  perforce borne by the organisation. If free class rooms can be used with innovative planning,  lots of institutions can start on this model,  taking concrete shape. There is a printing organisation that works only on the free time of various printers. It’s working out as successful model.  The crowd sourced airbnb model needs to be turned upside down  and an interesting functional model would emerge.

This would be the  true democratisation of already available resources.  A successful model is one sector would spur a flurry of activity to create such models in large number of areas. Everybody would be a gainer. That is what happened to the Uber aggregator model, extending horizontally.

Philanthropy as a tool of CSR does not ensure sustainable change.  The idle resources made available to the community / unprivileged would add a new worthwhile dimension to CSR.  Ir would be sustainable as the resource’s sustenance is inbuilt into the organisational upkeep.  Sharing is unlocking of resources.  Innovative sharing is the beginning of proactive collaboration.


    Sanjay Sahay

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