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 In a fast moving technical world, management consultancy does business in full swing.  Once the word project gets attached to whatever task you execute, the management consultants come into play. At least in India, its a  recent fad to have a management consultant onboard,  who more often than not is also termed as the  knowledge partner.  To associate a company with such epithets by the professional domain experts themselves, does not augur well for the future.

 Projects are a marriage between domain & the technology yielding vastly improved results, compared to earlier days.  The nature of technology has changed. To bring the technology & the domain into a project  needs connecting documentation  for its initiation and seeing the project through;  project monitoring  as they sat. Unfortunately, neither of the two are ready to take this onerous responsibility. Herein, enters the  management consultant to make killing  in a space, which is not his.

 A management consultant thus becomes a technology consultant,  we can’t even imagine the vice versa. What you grab need not be yours. As technologies grew, there was a dire need for professional technical consultants, technology after technology, field after field & geography after geography.  The technologists remained involved with the products and services  of the company they were employed with.

Thus, the  separate field of technology consultancy,  in tune with the fast paced technological changes and market requirements, independent of technology companies, unfortunately, did not develop.  This field does not have does not have even freelancers of repute.  In the technological churning that we are in, they  might be the saviours we are looking for,  making our life changing projects a success. Henceforth, they can take care of  vertical & horizontal  scalability.

 In the technological world, technical consultants should rule supreme.


    Sanjay Sahay




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