DailyPost 75

The traffic safety scenario is not something we can boast of. We have restricted ourselves to the  traffic regulation and enforcement  and road safety in real sense of the term has not taken place. Vast tracts of the Indian countryside does not have exclusive traffic police stations.

In the traffic ecosystem lots of factors lead to the accidents but more often than we  put the blame squarely on the driver of the bigger vehicle .  Vulnerable Traffic Users  are mainly the pedestrians, bicycles and motorized two wheelers. A  sustainable road safety strategy   should caters to the safety of the vulnerable road users.
Enforcement itself can make huge difference is the number of fatal road accidents which can indirectly help in bringing down the huge GDP loss on this count.

Moving further as we move to to IOT, the vehicle to vehicle interaction, vehicle to infrastructure and vehicle to person is the way forward and can happen in a seamless, realtime manner,  completely changing the road safety scenario in country.  These are intelligent transport systems being tried in developed countries.
Intelligent transport systems are the future of road safety.

Sanjay Sahay

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