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The utility or futility of official meetings have long been debated for its outcome and will continue, till the cows come home.  Conferences are a notch higher, where the physical presence of the knowledgeable,  is presumed to bring forth interchange of ideas and horizontal extension of a thought process which would benefit all, in that domain.  I have been a conference bird for quite sometime but still find these goals to be distant dream, in most of the conferences.

The heart of the conference should be new workable knowledge and a takeaway of execution of the solutions.   At the back end it seems that ,  networking in a holiday mood  has taken over as the final spirit   and from today’s standpoint it’s likely to remain so, at least in the near future.  Networking is supposed to deliver which current best solutions can’t.  The curiosity and urge for business models seems to lost as a stream in a desert.

Intellectual churning is a must synthesized with practitioners learning, which ought to happen in conferences; can help both the academia and industry forge ahead.   I scratch you and you mine seems to be the prevailing philosophy of present day conferences. To add to woes,  few keynote speakers , which land up because of the positions they hold, have the  capacity to make you forget the name and theme of the conference.

Earlier this year  Summit Note  of the  Singularity University Conference , was on social media ;  one of its kind document  of just around 700 words,  an astounding vision on Disruptive Vision   This is what worthwhile conference deliver.  Great executable solutions and an urge to make it happen.


Sanjay Sahay

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