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Inverse knowledge is the gap between the knowledge your possess and knowledge you require to do jobs – professional or personal – expected out of you. Knowledge for the current discussion knowledge would include expertise, competencies and communication skills. The world suffers from the inverse knowledge syndrome but nobody is ready to accept it. While degrees and certifications keep on happening there is rarely an effort get out this whirlpool.

If you ask anybody if suffers out inverse knowledge ailment, he would never accept, because you will never be able discover on your own. And if told by somebody else you will not believe because your self certified knowledge is further certified by your like minded friends, cronies, relatives and anybody who wants to gain from you. In the inverse knowledge world it is bad manners to comment on his stunted knowledge and how it is coming in ways of his proper functioning. It is blasphemy so to say. It is extremely an happy situation be in make believe world that this situation does not exist.

In the structured jobs there are fixed requirements and a well established system of qualifications which it is expected would not create a inverse knowledge scenario. How far it is being taken care is a different story. But the world has endless not structured jobs which either has no qualification or is vague or adjustable. This pertains self styled think tanks, NGOs, consultants and variety of influencers to political executives of different varieties across the globe from totalitarian to the democratic regimes.

Any human being can dream, imagine, visualise and plan only to the extent his knowledge goes. Even for dreaming big this is an extremely limiting factor. With everybody claiming to possess cutting edge knowledge, the tragedy is playing out in ways unimaginable in societies, businesses and governments. This has to change.


Sanjay Sahay

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