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Branding in the process elevating a product or service to a level where is known for quality, durability, sales, service and is easily recognised by its logo, name of the company or name of the product itself. Presumably, the brand is created on an exceptional product to an extent some names of the food items have become synonymous with the product itself. The entrepreneurs creating great companies because of their vision, hard work, expertise and passion create exceptional brands the world over. The brand starts in its original geography and then is made to extend.

Whilst standardised products may not have many substantial issues, there has been a clear cut difference in areas of non hard products namely software creation, integration, high end operations and maintenance, consultancy, quality of telecom service, service level agreements, contract management etc. Reflective Branding is the extension to a different geography of a brand created elsewhere, without the wherewithal of creating the original and wanting the customer to believe that original is being provided and are billed accordingly.

Reflective branding is very meticulously planned and carefully executed. The business case studies of the original geography; mainly from the first world are planted, the projects executed, the Human Resource used, the quality is all flaunted as if it can be replicated. The company does not have the capability and the intention to replicate. Contexts are totally different. The human and other resources are purely Indian and there is no free flow of these resources from the original geography.

The top global consultancy companies, software development companies, system integrators, variety of service providers have become grandmasters in the practice of reflective branding and whole market in created in its name. Sold out to the brand of the original geography, the customer has to be satisfied with the Indian variant LLP and the corresponding Indian resources and finally near local quality with all the issues of timelines and cost overruns. Time to reflect.


Sanjay Sahay

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