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In the near future, for sure, you will asked this question & if the answer is no, be ready to be completely overshadowed by your competitors or face decimation. The choice is yours. AI is no longer a choice it has to become the default mode at the earliest. The recent success of Google Alpha Zero, of mastering chess in four hours, brings this technology to the centre stage of human existence. Artificial Intelligence, AI, in last 70 years has gone through the cycle of AI Winters / Inflection Points. * Current Inflection seems to hit with finality.*

Big data, computational power & open deep learning tools are making it happens. What is intriguing is the unimaginable AI capabilities. ”It doesn’t play like a human, it doesn’t play like a program, it plays in a third, almost alien way.” This is what Demis Hassabis, founder & CEO of DeepMind has to say on the recent success of AlphaZero. Google already has 7 AI products with over a billion users. The beauty of the present AI research is that validation is literally built into it and in a way it’s like research being done on live systems.

Google has given a clarion call of its intention AI – first world. Fundamental AI and Machine Learning, ML would be sorted out to find solutions to world most humongous problems. This is the world we are heading for. Having an audacious dream is one thing, but having a demonstrated capability, globally, for over one & a half decades speaks of unflinching commitment to the same. Being AI enabled is the new definition of literacy.

As per the present trends, AI enabled operating system would not be very far away. Thought has already gone into Compact AI, which can run on your smartphones, get rid of the complex cloud related issues. This might be a harbinger of better data protection / privacy & host of other ethical issues.

AI is destined to become the Industrial Revolution 5.0 Indian R&D / industry has no thoughts on AI engulfing us. Will we be failed again and perpetuated to be the eternal user.


Sanjay Sahay

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