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While the onset of electronic media dealt a body blow to investigative journalism of the yesteryears; brick and mortar investigation having the potential to change the course of history. It seems to have been lost for all times. The sting operations could never match the glory of yesteryear’s bombshell investigative journalism, of the print media age. While the video tells a story candidly in its own manner, it cannot match the dept of research, documentation and the narrative.

The electronic media transformed 24/7 channels into a news extravaganza. The news got transformed into views and slowly the views got transformed into talk shows. It is an ongoing story; long, protracted and deliberately extended for purposes of TRP. In this digital news mess emerged the blockbuster, BREAKING NEWS, for sure has broken the backbone of news. It has been the rehashing of the same news in a manner, which even the best propagators of the medium could not digest. Every channel is the first to break the news and the one to bring the expose to the outside world.

Claiming way beyond the real is the second skin of the media. In the new world, the print and now the electronic media is getting a run for its money. The social media has arrived. The good, bad or the ugly; its crowd sourcing nature and the inherent urge of every individual to expose, notwithstanding the capabilities to do so, has created a mess which the world could have done without. In the dirty Hamam of the social media world, everybody is out to expose every body. What comes in handy are photoshopped pics, surgically cut and attached videos, crazy sound bites and imaginary narratives.

This has some of the Dada Khondke version of investigative alias exposing skills / effort. Every single individual and entity is on an expose mode with an agenda, vested interested and a dual purpose. Expose is just a camouflage. Expose means an investigative, courageous piece of work for the benefit of society. No gain otherwise. It’s not an unending dirty linen washing match.


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