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A whistleblower is a crazy and mercenary mix of disgust and concern. The results is the expose which changes the world. The disgust is with the system he is in and concern is for the people and nation to which he belongs. Might be the world too. They have a serious concern that if the secretive information or the activity is not brought in the public, a lot positive that has been in that direction would get negated. The latest to hit the world stage is the unknown whistleblower who has been the nemesis of President Trump in the Ukrainian call case. Starting from his account, the impeachment process is already through in the House of Representatives.

The fact is that organisations both public and private in nature are becoming more and more opaque. There are lots of organisations which put forth a very transparent public stance but in reality most of their critical information and operations remain completely out of bounds. Under these circumstances its only the whistleblowers version; verified, vetted and authenticated can be the beginning of the correctional and remedial action.

Whistleblowers are also like hackers and they have to be taken positively, if we are to improve. On the contrary, organisations having a myopic view, use coercion to silence them. They face protracted legal action, criminal charges, are divested of important tasks, false social stigma created against them and may finally end up termination from any position, office or job. While Whistleblower Protection Acts have been enacted in large number of countries, our approach to them has not changed. This transformation will lead to Whistleblower 2.0. Whistleblower as an integral part of the design and growth of the organisation.

We cannot deny that whistleblowers have changed the trajectory of the world. In recent times, Edward Snowden of the NSA fame and Christopher Wylie who brought the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook data scandal saga in the open have positioned hidden burning issues on to the world centre stage. Latest being the impeachment whistleblower certainly add to the positivity and sanity in this world.


Sanjay Sahay

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