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 Though the near total number of the adult population are parents yet parenting remains as elusive in concept & as in practice.  Every parent has his / her idea of parenting & thus we find huge differences amongst the two parents themselves, at times, as to how to groom the child. There can certainly be numerous models of parenting but do we any in which we can repose some level of confidence. The nitty gritty can be worked out if we know the purpose.  The purpose of parenting is the creation of an enabling atmosphere in which child seamlessly blossoms & the change should be conspicuous to parents, as the child grows up.

 The transactional model being followed in a big way, without giving it a thought, has not yielded results & it is will not.  Going to good schools & the amount spent on the child is supposed to directly proportional to the result & impact, is too simplistic a matrix to yield results of any kind.  On the contrary, it has led to a bigger chasm between the kids & the two parents, having a totally different world view without having a common ground.

 Ecosystem helps bloom the child is a forgone conclusion, mere parroting of good behaviour & good results does not necessarily make it happen.  It reaches to a level when we either take it as fate or start playing into the hands of the kids, eulogizing them where they ought to be chided.  A role model amongst parents & certainly an absence of negative role models amongst them can be a great beginning.  Lack of negativity in the immediate surroundings can become a proactive facilitator.  A small library / academic environment & a non-materialistic mode of living with some tinge of religion & spirituality can make it an extremely fascinating proposition.  Lots of permutations & combinations can happen on these core values.

 In these fast moving times, time is in short supply & the mindset of managing kids remotely with  barely any interpersonal rapport cannot be the way forward.


    Sanjay Sahay

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