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Word generally not heard but practiced in full measure across this country by professionals & citizens alike. Unfettered by the daily ills of the system, they have learned the art of believing that everything is running fine & they would like others also to believe so. Resistance, change & improvement, so critical to running the system has long been thrown out of their professional & personal vocabulary. Passivity means ”acceptance of what happens, without active response or resistance.” Explained by way of human nature it is the inertness, that has become a part of our psyche.

Saving human life is the at the core of human existence. It’s our duty and will remain our duty till the end of human civilisation. The human response to an accident has to been seen to be believed. Not that nobody comes to help is an understatement, they seem to busy taking pictures. Worst still there are lots who end up stealing the belongings of the dead and the critically injured. How far passivity has brought us?

The rant on the social media for resistance & change is the second side of the same coin. They have decided to do nothing in the physical world and want to cleanse themselves of their sins, which they are aware of, through the social media. This cleansing can never happen. Actions speak louder than words. As the adage goes, if you cannot face the world, Facebook.

In our day to day existence, how many are ready to stick their neck out even for a small cause or improvement. Jobs descriptions in a legal way describes their jobs and at the end of the day, the task is never completed. Normal work with ownership & responsibility to make a difference, which every job & every human can, is treated as an additional responsibility. They know how to dispense with it. The very same fellows are extremely proactive when it comes to their immediate gains to the extent of colluding to any extent. A passive society is a society of bystanders, human feelings and professional ethics, completely numbed.


Sanjay Sahay

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