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Learning Organisations are discussed in lots of forums these days. Learning Organisation can safely be broken down to Learning Individuals. In simple terms it means that the organisation has a knowledge repository & training mechanism to update the knowledge & skills of personnel working, in tune with changing requirements & higher responsibilities, which they are likely to assigned as they move up in the organisational ladder. At least a small complement of research & development to support and facilitate these tasks is a must, independent of the R&D for the products.

In the knowledge based world we align are in, the need for learning cannot be emphasised any further. Though we all commit to the HR development of individuals yet in practice we have only outmoded teaming programs & certifications, not capable enough to meet the requirements of even yesteryears. To cite an example how many of personnel even improve in their communication skills during their career, when all flaunt that without this skill, lots of damage is being done. All HRs accept Outstanding Communication Skills – written & oral, mostly false, from all new recruits.

Do we have a Needs Analysis of all the employees on this count & if it has been done, what is the action taken & results delivered? The HR depts are busy hiring & firing based to the financial health of the organisation. Decadent organisations don’t think on learning lines. While the organisation is dying to fulfil the financial targets, who will make this learning happen. The gross routinisation of learning based ROI is not futuristic.

The lips service to learning organisation/individual has brought us thus far, it cannot take is any further. Decimation or stunted growth are only the two trajectories left. May be a good beginning can be made to make the HR aware of the requirements of the organisation in all its detail & then working downwards till the last employee.


Sanjay Sahay

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