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Planning; event, project or life, to perfection, is the initiation of its success. A blueprint to be put to reality. Who can create this plan? There are theoretical planners, who can put a plan in place, a perfect document. As it is put to execution, it starts getting unstuck. The man who can visualise the event or the project, with the bottlenecks intact , in a given context, creates a plan worthy of execution.

This is the real plan, with the minutest detail, which unfolds, the way it ought to. Prioritisation does not work. One flaw with even supposedly perfect execution, has no value. The human mind is stuck on the flaws. A flaw has the uncanny knack of extrapolation and finally gives a feeling as if the whole event or the project was flawed. Steve Jobs said that there is nothing small and big, every element needs equal attention. And each of these small and big have to be detailed to the last actionable. With the planning to perfection mindset, the proverbial third eye of Shiva opens.

You start seeing things, a normal undiscerning planning mind cannot see. The issues starts glaring at you and also helps develop the skill of finding planning solutions. This is the skill of a planner par excellence. He can literally see the execution of the project right in front of him. This is a well oiled plan, with flexible nuts & bolts, dynamically agile to real time problems.

A plan of this nature develops a ferocious urge for execution. With planner & the executioner being one, the magic is bound to happen. Timelines and quality seem to happen in an automated manner, as calibrated and orchestrated. Such a person remains in readiness for the rough & tumble of execution. In reality, you remain in control end to end. Once the event unfolds, neatly woven, crisp and cogent, a journey which is bound to mesmerise and hypnotise you beyond your farthest imagination.


Sanjay Sahay

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