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 Presentations made by Steve Jobs created an indelible mark on his audience & on the world.  It made him an icon, a performer par excellence on the world stage; simultaneously with his legendary technical prowess & gave his products a push, which was unimaginable till then.  It created an invincible aura for him, his products & consequently his company.  Presentations are the ultimate opportunity for the professional & his capability to utilise this time widow, makes him an unassailable product himself.

 It’s a battle of mind to win over the audience to your well substantiated narrative with a flair for language ideally suited to the occasion & the audience.  The quality of preparation is directly proportional to the impact the presenter can make. This battle of mind requirements can be catered to, if we are able to breakdown the preparation stage into the  following three  pre-ppt stage, creation of ppt & rehearsing stage.  Steve Jobs was a practitioner of this formula & it did magic to his persona.

 This three phase formula in effort terms can be broadly put at 90 hours; 30 hours each phase, to do justice to the quality of presentation, which the presenter set out to deliver.  The pre-ppt stage is the most critical one, preferably in this 30 hours, we should not not lay our hands on the computer.  This is the thinking stage; structure, narrative, facts & figures, multi-media tools to be used and finally the nature of slides; font to effects.  The impact is the guiding principle.

The second stage is the actual creation of the ppt, another 30 hours phase.  All the planning mentioned above is   brought to life in the product we call ppt.  The planning, ability to deal with the content in a flexible manner & clarity on the final shape of ppt does the magic.  The third stage connects the spoken word with the written word; the ppt.  The flair for communication is the value add to this exercise, which has the potential to elevate the presentation to the level of excellence.  Only rehearsing can guarantee the ultimate value.


    Sanjay Sahay

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