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American Presidency & democracy are very deeply intertwined. The most powerful person on the planet is also the leader of the free world. Allies all around & global responsibilities to shoulder. Democratic values become an integral part of the national mainstream. Democratic institutions deliver in a manner expected out of the constitution & the rule of law. Trump came to power at the end of an extraordinary election; the world dazed & continues to be in awe, albeit of a different variety!

Trump one-to-one meeting with Putin at Helsinki on Monday epitomises all what ails the American presidency today. This is in the backdrop of indictments against 12 Russian nationals as a part of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russia’s interference in 2016 election. He has accused the Russians of engaging in a “sustained effort” to hack Democrats emails & computer networks. All 12 belong to GRU, a Russian federation intelligence agency working in their “official capacities.”

The country’s & President’s interests are coterminous, that does not seem to the case here. The Department of Justice is painted as the enemy within. All efforts are made to dilute the credibility of the investigation. This is because the last shreds of his credibility is completely dependent on the outcome of this investigation. His lack of suspicion of the established institutions came earlier in his Presidency, if we go by his scathing remarks on the US Intelligence Agencies. His unsavoury tweets quite a few times is at variance with the official position. White House has a tough time to create a rationale out of it. He has a penchant for one to one tweet war.

Democracy is all about fixing issue & move ahead rather than unfixing democracy itself. Trump’s stand, stance & expositions on Global Warming and later at G7 & now on NATO exhibits his lack of faith in the global democratic ecosystem. But democratic institutions & practitioners have the tenacity to battle it out.


Sanjay Sahay

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