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The joint press conference at the Helsinki Summit between Trump & Putin yesterday has been the lowest ebb of a US President. ”No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant,” Mr. McCain said in a statement. The American stature seems to have been brought to dust & McCain also said it was a ”disgraceful performance. Might be he was representing the wide American feeling; the resurrection of the earlier American spirit might take a long time. As Trump boarded his Air Force One back home, Washington, the seat of power was seething in anger.

What did he actually do? Mr Trump contradicted US Intelligence Agencies saying Russia had no reasons to meddle. Thought history and geopolitics were loaded totally against him yet he delivered what only Trump could do. None of the American Presidents to date have been to able to score a self goal of this magnitude. American democracy undermined, Trump’s Presidency in question. Putin said he wanted Trump to win but did not meddle with the elections.

One electoral victory can catapult a person to the world centre stage. How can electoral victory be tantamount to suitability for the post, America is learning the harsh way. The basics of governance & diplomacy might take a lifetime to understand. When Mueller investigation indicts 12 Russians meddling with US elections belonging Russian Intelligence outfit, how can the President have a different stand. The internal incongruity has to be sorted out internally. Supreme Commander at variance to the official line.

Beyond the public domain press conference, the two spend two hours discussing without aides. What does Putin know so as make American President to behave & utter more Russian than the Russians themselves. The world believes he is in the pocket of Putin. What excellence in your job can do to adversaries? Former CIA Director John Brennan calls it ”treasonous.”


Sanjay Sahay

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