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Public speaking can be done from anywhere; atop a barrel or under the tree. What is delivered & further assimilated by the audience is the question. Professional Public speaking in stark contrast is done with a purpose and ease of delivery & ease of grasp for human senses, have to be provided for. Logistics, even frugal, should sub serve the interests of the audience & of the speakers. In a consumerist world glamour precedes the basic essentials. There are no prescribed standards.

The professional public speakers time is of value. The message should not be lost in the din of chaos. The quality of the audio system is critical. More often than the echo, the clarity of voice, the volume remains untried and untested. The mike on the lectern, the collar mike and the cordless mike give different types of impact. All these amplification gadgets are not synchronised. The speakers keep testing the mike.

More often than not when the distance between the base station and the mike increases, more in case of cordless / collar mikes, creaking sounds make its presence felt. At times the connection is lost completely. During the Q & A sessions, the cordless mikes being taken all around, adds to the confusion. The lectern mike/s, generally when more than one, come in way of visibility. The visibility from any corner is important. Members of the audience keep adjusting. * It is an irritant*.

The ppt ecosystem; the PC / laptop / projector / screen / slide changer, though simple gadgets generally create issues. The speakers too should get accustomed to using slide changer themselves. The lighting has to be dynamically controlled. The preferable mode is full visibility of the speaker & the slides. Rest should be in least lighting as possible. For speakers, unobtrusive access to the common areas have to be guaranteed. The positioning of big screens should add to viewing comfort. The logistics should be a value add for the speaker.


Sanjay Sahay

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