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The economic impact of Internet of Things can be the tune of $11.1 trillion by 2025, mainly by shedding supervision cost. Though that be a mirage, the truth today is supervision has become the name of the game. Both in the line & staff functions, the levels of supervisory managers are umpteen, supposedly adding value & contributing to the cash registers. The core trait of the professional of able to work unsupervised has long been lost out of management concept & practice.! When machines are mastering new frontiers through unsupervised learning; the humans are working in super supervised environment.

The layers of non-working professionals, as they can be called, have a cost attached to each. The cost is much beyond the cost attached to the real doer / practitioner / executioner. The costing of his contribution no software has been able to decipher as yet. This is only the financial part.

The bureaucratic labyrinth thus created is next to impossible to navigate. Follow the approval process in a big MNC or some govts, you might end up exhausted. Administrative Reforms Commission has talked of just three layers in decision making. How does innovation happen in such an enterprise? Can innovation take roots in an environment of reckless compliance? The turn around time for approvals & decision making can have a suicidal impact on costing, competitiveness & future growth.

The reporting mechanism becomes laboursome, cross- reporting, interpersonal friction &working at cross purposes becomes the order of the day, hidden from official documentation. The precious time, of the personnel actually tasked to deliver, is thus misused for non-productive work.

Management by results & growth by innovation has been replaced by endless supervision, with very little rationale by way of results and ending up in self degrading systems & processes. Lean management should be in.


Sanjay Sahay

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