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Deliverable is both a tangible & conspicuous manifestation of our vision, knowledge, competencies & efforts in alignment with our goals; both short term & long term. Modern management developed to help support this mission by of way systems & processes, that we don’t falter on the way. An individual, society, enterprise or nation is only worth the deliverables. A detached analysis of the deliverables will throw up a picture, radically different from the stakeholders pronouncements & fairy tale reports of the auditing companies.

At the macro level the schooling system ought to produce brilliant students, fit enough to take the rigours of college / professional education. In the absence of an objective matrix to evaluate, the marks can only be taken as pointers. The colleges / professional institutions are supposed to produce students, which can readily be lapped by the employers.

Having gone into the professional business enterprises and other jobs, their youth and expertise have to play magic of creating business products / services and hence its financial numbers. The country thus moves into the technical professional excellence trajectory; the superpower mode. There are individual oasis of excellence. Both at micro & the macro level, the individual as well as cumulative, has the Human Resource as deliverable happened?

If we add all what our civic bodies and agencies have claimed to have done, the lacunae in city civic infrastructure & civic utilities would not have been as glaring. Defences cannot add up into deliverables. The quality of a road or the robustness of drainage lines cannot be debated upon. People using is day and day out can vouch for it. That is a deliverable. In the Indian context Chandigarh & Jamshedpur are cities delivered. A city becomes a deliverable. Quality of life of a city citizen is a deliverable.Aspire for top class deliverables & it’s sustainability, rest would fall in place.


Sanjay Sahay

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