DailyPost 48

The famed Indian IT industry; sometimes even termed as the software industry barely has any product to its credit. Unfortunately, the IT world has been since its inception been *a world of products,* based on intensive research & innovation. From Intel to WhatsApp has its own business story, to be narrated to the world over and over again. The cycle continues.

Services and BPO are our core competencies and also the business model, if we may call so. With products nowhere on the agenda, it has all been a simple formula of effort and cost calculations, where heads and time, are the cash and business creators, rest take a back seat.

When world is set on fire with one product after another, changing mankind and disrupting business models, we are gloating over being active spectators of the race. The likes of Google are creating products at a dizzying pace, where scalability of all kinds has become the norm.

R & D and subsequent innovation is still to hit the mindset of the Indian IT industry. Certainly we have the talent and the funds, only priorities needs to change. Permanence of our creations is our legacy. Though the cash registers show growth, given the exponential growth of global IT giants, we have plateaued for sure.

Sanjay Sahay

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