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Projects can’t fail, we fail the projects.  Indian scenario is replete with failed projects, the more humungous the project, the failure seems to be more imminent.  The complexity of the project & near total lack of understanding between the stakeholders forebodes the same end. With all the expertise of project management the results are dismal.

 Whether we are clear about the purpose of the project & impact thereof is the first question.  Business cannot be the only parameter. The requirements should neatly emanate out of the purpose; the requirements would then define the details of the project.  The stakeholders mapping with specific roles & responsibilities can get the project going.  More often than not, it’s found that projects keep falling into the crevices, due to the differences between different stakeholders. From their own limited points of view, all are right, but as they miss out on the purpose, the sum total does not add up to the successful completion of the projects.

 When large number of entrepreneurs provide role model stories of their successful ventures, we are not in position to execute standard projects, with all sorts of resources at our command.  Ownership thus  seems to the key. The project head can & does make a difference with a committed team. The measurement mechanism, objective & real, at his command should deliver in a manner envisaged.  Contract management is not even in a nascent science in this country, something on which the whole country depends in some form or the other.

Projects will always have issues.  The capability of the Project Manager to surmount even the insurmountable is the key attitude.  On the contrary, such obstacles are used as an excuse to abandon the project midway or extract a phenomenal cost. Myopic Vision & saving one’s own skin when problems arises is a cocktail for disaster.  An objective analysis makes us wonder how & why so many projects fail.  Time for relook at our project strategy & execution.


 Sanjay Sahay

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