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 Taking a cue from the ailing process, what becomes so conspicuous is the lack of purpose . Purpose can both provide the larger background for the goal and also the path to reach the desired goal.  Without purpose there is no  fulfilment, which we all agree is what our life is all about.  If you ask most of us of the purpose of what we do, it’s very likely,  that we might not get an answer and if we do with great difficulty, the answer will never be satisfactory.

 The project does not start with a purpose but with some physical goals and so from the inception itself, the project starts in confusion.  The purpose having lost sight of, the only saviour left with us is the process, which we declare as the goal itself.

The purpose of individual is only one part of the story, the enterprise is actually at the centre of this thought process.  Once the purpose of the enterprise in place, the individual’s purpose gets aligned to the clearly chartered purpose of the larger entity.  The purpose of the entity and thus the essence of its existence should be percolated to the last person in hierarchy.  Slowly, it becomes the existential value of the enterprise itself.

 The mental bonding of all the Human Resources in the enterprise is the real killer.  It is equally applicable to the society and the nation and it has the potential to transform societies & nations in totality.  The purpose which Estonia chalked out for itself in Cyber Security helped it to create a Centre of Excellence post major cyber attack in 2008 . They today have one of most secure systems in world. It facilitated for the creation and maintenance  of one of its kind e-Governance regime with 3000 services in its fold.


 Sanjay Sahay

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