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Visions and visionaries have ruled out minds and even our psyche for quite sometime now. It’s been accepted that the journey is not even worth taking if we don’t have a vision.  Vision thus is tantamount to a blueprint and beyond which only the leader & visionary can really understand.  He is the one who has created and he is the one who can take you along that path to a goal of fulfilment as defined. Vision may not be as tangible as it is made out to be. But for the leader it never gets over his comfort level, he navigates in the nebulous state.

 Vision is an empty rhetoric if it cannot be translated into reality either fully or substantially.  Vision statements adorn corporate corridors and other institutions, when the vast majority of the employees find it even difficult to comprehend it.  Herein, is the critical gap. Vision remains a vision and reality remains what it is, radically different.

 Shared vision can make that change happen.  More than 80% of the employees believe that shared vision is one of the critical attributes of leader.  If the vision does not percolate to last person in the organisation, how can it even be initiated in the right earnest leave aside achieving it.  We understand targets, figures, processes and SOPs in a regular way. Our minds are accordingly aligned.

 The way forward is beyond facts and figures, it’s on the thought process level, traits, behaviour and finally a way of life.  Shared vision has the capability of transforming organisations, societies, nations and might be humanity as well.

To play on the hearts & minds of people; to propel them to do something more than normal, adding up in a cumulative manner, delivering the final vision is shared vision.  This is the ultimate quality of a leader and the  ultimate achievement of an organisation.


    Sanjay Sahay

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