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Be it meeting, discussion, protracted negotiations, strategy planning et al, the elaboration of the problem, to the minutest detailed, goes not full swing. Generally, the intent is to put the blame on anybody but oneself. As we get on the roadmap stage, the conversations get confusing and when it comes to actual solutions barely anybody has an answer. Taking a step further to ownership, responsibility and accountability to be fixed for executing the solutions, we will have to look for a noble soul, to take up that responsibility.

Whenever anything wrong happens, accidents, incidents, mistakes whatever, fixing up the responsibility becomes an endless enterprise. The situation does not improve. Somebody gives a half-baked solution, somebody else makes a half-hearted plan, rest of the blame goes to the ill famous execution, generally. The genesis of the whole problem is that we are only problem enabled and not solution enabled. We don’t look at the problem to provide a solution to it. Providing reasonable & sustainable solution is the primary task of a professional, a culmination of lots of other positive attributes of a professional.

While we are happy to find a resource; who can give us a solution. We can go to any level to placate that person, but we don’t want to become one. A passed on solution, generally, does not have a buy in, even by the foremost promotor. Somewhere, ownership slips away. A culture of a solution enabled mindset brings all needed to execute the solution, on the same page.

Solution has a 360 degrees life cycle, from the idea to the final fulfilment, it cannot be as simple as it sounds. Either the person who came up with the solution takes it through or a promoter picks up the solution in both word & spirit. There is no third solution. Most of solutions fall in the unknown third category. It’s a chicken looking for its head story. Professional unison of minds looking for a solution with one ideator & leader is the best beginning.


Sanjay Sahay

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