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Structured education and straightjacketed professions are the best ways to describe our educational and the professional arena. Only these provide the the comfort level to the Indian students, teachers, employers, employees, bosses and subordinates. This watertight compartmentalisation of educational and professional living and also of aspirations have held us like an octopus. This at a time when the whole world is in a state of academia, knowledge, skills flux trying to find our the best education and skills matrix needed for different jobs in the Age of Disruption.

If you come up with the issue of Cyber Security so critical to our existence, our structured system generally has no space for it. Same is the case with the professional colleges where the outside churning remains unheard, unseen and unfelt. The faculty passes on their lethargy so seamlessly to the students, it seems. The structured program goes on with with utmost sanctity and religiosity. It seems to be a different world with no connect with anything outside, when the harsh reality is that each one moving out of the portals of these colleges will have to face the real world shortly.

Mixing unstructured with the structured, having a dynamic component unconnected to credit or ratings but professionally extremely critical have to be incorporated. Those marks which neither deliver either quality work or quality life is what everybody is dying for. From drawing to dance, its fun watching the kids being given 360 degrees grooming, with Olympic Size swimming pools to boast off as infrastructure. Who is teaching the communication skills, interest in reading and writing, how to be a learning individual, that getting a job is not end of learning.

The professional world remains no different. Straightjacketed in the age old processes and parameters, delving a bit deep into the organisational stranglehold, the changes so visible and conspicuous are actually superficial. Who will do the real mentoring? From where will responsible Change Agents come from for creating professionals to align with the disruptive changes happening in the professional arena.


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