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Have you ever heard of a follow through? There is a near surety that you would have never heard of it. As a thought, concept and practice in does not hit our heart and mind. Follow through is concept wherein you keep track the product or service or utility created and provide the wherewithal to make it operative till time it becomes robust and can stand on its own feat. The lack of follow through has led to products and projects fall into crevices, even after it has been created. Worse still some disappear even after reaching the robust stage.

This whole imbroglio emanates from our mindset of event management. The day the stuff, of whatever nature and variant, is inaugurated / commissioned / released, we pat our backs for the great work done. There not denying the fact that the pat is well deserved but there is another fact that cannot be denied too. The realisation that this the beginning of the journey and not the end of it.

Very rarely you will find anybody touching base with you on a project already completed. The capability of the operations team in complex projects remain limited and they are happy to run even in a skeletal manner. The team that had created and the owners should be held squarely responsible for the follow through till the time all the stakeholders give a full thumbs up. We have seen innumerable GoLives which end up in GoDeads.

Projects, services, utility and softwares cannot be treated as products like tube lights and fans. These cannot run in the manner of a button operating in a simplistic manner. These high end activities are as good as living beings and have to dealt with that level of expertise, affection and commitment. Without these the follow through will not happen and without the effective follow through we will not be able to effectively deliver.


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