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What is the manifestation of reading in your day to day life is equally important as the reading itself. While lots of people proclaim to be avid readers, it’s difficult to find its impact in their day to day lives. Reading is not a passion that can remain hidden from public eye for long, as it gets manifested in wide and varied way in your life. The day people started feeling the impact of your reading, is the time you get to feel, you have been doing worthwhile reading or your reading was worthwhile. Whichever way you look at it.

Are you a voracious reader? This is a question that would be posed to you in varied contexts, if you know and have practiced the art of worthwhile reading. The first rock solid manifestation of your reading is coming up with the news ideas. The ideas attracts people to you and in all to yours efforts, initiatives & endeavors. It’s the road to creativity & innovation, however, nascent it might.

It manifests in all your write and speak. Your reports, proposals, notes and whatever, may be, professional & personal will have your stamp etched on to it. Your writing becomes a small brand. You can be recognised by our writing. The writing is not a literary style; it is a style of weaving worthwhile content; reading being its genesis, into a compelling documents, whatever be the requirements. It is the result of in-depth reading and in-depth understanding, based on an extremely thoughtful approach to the reading requirements.

Authoritative articulation is a major manifestation of reading. This is full display in public speaking & lots others; a meeting, some discussion; professional & personal & even a conversation. The confidence is killing, the articulation seamless. The slurs & stammers become history. Reading should be treated as content creator. It’s synonymous to ideas. It should have a direction and meaning. See, what wonders it can do to you. As with anything else, effort and perseverance is the key. The result takes time to manifest but when it happens, you know it and so does the world.


Sanjay Sahay

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