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 The web of social relationships have been changing with the onset of new technologies, from wheel to WhatsApp, has been a fascinating journey for mankind.  Presently, we feel that most of current human relationships are converging in WhatsApp & the technology is creating newer ones simultaneously.   Synthesis of modernity & tradition is what we aspire of.  Technology as has been often been  , is both a better enabler & facilitator rather than creating disruption of old social relationships for the new or the non-existent.

 Getting back to school & college mates was not even dreamt off by people of our generation, it’s a reality now.  The old rapport comes out in the open in no time. It’s time to build on it for sustained relationships.  The fall out of old classmates meeting physically has been a welcome one.  Existing communities of yesteryears, for decades dormant, have got a new lease of life. Sometimes it feels that those intervening years were not there at all. Physical appearances have changed but the warmth of those great relationships would continue for a lifetime.

 The ideal mix of the digital & the real is bound to make communities stronger & in the process a more stable society . To be connected to all in real time is a crazy feeling to say the least.  The fear is that is slowly turning out to be an emotionless norm.  Voice, which is of magical value to our existence is slowly going out of lives.  Voiceless communication can at times turn to be extremely feeling less as well.  The pace of communication & its increasing inability to register in our psyche tends to makes most of the relationships emanating out of WhatsApp in real  life flimsy.

 It’s a great tool to sustain a relationship but the effort, the physical component of meeting & lots of the in world interactions cannot be dispensed with.  Being with family & friends and being tied to the smart phone is fruitless.  Use the tool with clarity of purpose and the world be yours, socially & might be professionally too.


 Sanjay Sahay

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