PROMISES & COMMITMENTS; Declarations, Conventions, Protocols, Treaties, Charters, Resolutions!

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PROMISES & COMMITMENTS; Declarations, Conventions, Protocols, Treaties, Charters, Resolutions!

Paradoxical as it may sound, with some loose legality in place  declarations to resolutions generally tend to meet the same fate  as that of promises & commitments in day to day life. After all, these instruments of national & international importance, at the barest level are  promises & commitments of a more formal kind.  Human history has convincingly proved that we tend to honour these instruments as long as it is in our favour.  And the loser too will only agree to the extent he can’t get away with.  Sometimes, the principal countries,who create these documents, flout it the most.


From the treaty of Versailles to Universal Declaration to Human Rights to Budapest Convention and Paris Agreement,  lots of world’s burning problems are pushed under the carpet, in a neatly designed diplomatic language  serving the purpose of declaring to the world, that one incremental step has been taken & that the process is moving in an understandable, well decided direction.

 The impact Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Africa will remain suspect,  the world is still to  see any worthy movement in the direction of a Cyber Security regime  & the progress in global warming is nothing great to carry home.  The most vexed of the world’s issues are put into this declaration – resolution industry & allowed a slumber, detrimental to our very existence itself.  Terrorism still remains undefined in a world which has mass killing incidents every other day.

 With lack of intent & legal enablement of the statute type, the faltering  of the world order is getting more & more conspicuous with every passing day as the world’s pressing issues become  more & more complex.  In reality, only these tools can create a saner, sustainable world order.

 GENUINE COMMITMENT to Declarations, Conventions, Protocols, Treaties, Charters, Resolutions et al heralds a PROGRESSIVE WORLD.

    Sanjay Sahay

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