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The plight of Bangalore & later Mumbai post torrential monsoons, slaps the issue of  urban transformation  on our face. There are  wide gaps  between the  local agendas and actual local development.  The urban world  is both  extremely divided and unmanageable.  In the  Great Opportunities City, it is always found that the  talented and mobilized to create a common good  are always pitted against powerful self interests.

Undeniably, many of the world’s problems arise from city’s poor design & mismanagement, the solution lies in  transforming our cities into the center’s of world’s solutions.  Urban strategy is the only solution.  Urban strategy is a new practice.  Urban strategy is required to advance city’s interest  furthering our common interest in creating world class cities.

Cities are  engines of self transformation  beyond any established development pattern. City systems are fast changing & evolving. In the  US, between 1982 and 2003 cities consumed over 62,000 square miles, area larger than Florida or Michigan, Greece or Nicaragua.  Some cities transform so fast that political jurisdictions & notions of urban geography cannot keep pace.  Mega Cities like Chengdu  and  Corridor Cities like Los Angeles – San Deigo – Tijuana corridor  have their own trajectory.

In the last 10 to 25 year period, all over Southern Europe, run – down centuries old city districts have been re-parceled & renovated.  They are now new streetscapes, infrastructure and with it social and economic purposes.  This  malleability  provides the chance to  re-craft  an earlier wrong.

This is the capacity for  progressive transformation,  the city’s change have to steered toward a  more robust common advantage.  This is the product of an  effective urban strategy.  It is best demonstrated by a  Strategic City,  which is very rare but undeniable. Strategic city  concept, its blueprint and its precise and ruthless implementation  can transform the cities & the country.


    Sanjay Sahay

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