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Path breaking and insane
have become synonymous with ChatGPT, it is breaking barriers every day, to the extent that it is already being called smart. No one has any clear idea as to what all tasks it can be put to. However grandiose might be your understanding of the capability of the large language models, it would beat that hollow. Never ever dare to think of it as yet another chatbot. Code Interpreter is a plug-in to ChatGPT that is already making waves. For the uninitiated plug-in adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. It thus enables customization.

If you not heard of Code Interpreter, it would primarily be for the reason that it is still in the alpha stage; in the early phases of testing and is not ready for public release as yet. What does it actually do? It is ”an experimental model that can solve tasks by generating Phython code and executing it in Jupyter notebook.” The fascinating part about this model which gives it ability to handle multifarious functions is that you can upload any kind of file and instruct the model to analyze it. It can also be instructed to create a new file, which can be downloaded and for sure can be productively used.

What all industries would it impact is cannot be safely predicted from today’s standpoint. The genie is out of the bottle, what would it change in which manner and how fast not even the genie knows. We are living in exponentially transformational times. The future of work, workplace, employment and output will never be the same again. The ability of code interpreter to process data and a very succinct, efficient and exceedingly meaningful manner are truly mind-breaking. The AI community has already been doing some wild stuff with this tool, which would give us a fair idea as to where we are heading to.

Couple of prompts on this tool and the super successful replies / solutions churned out by Code Interpreter can put any doubts on its capability to rest. The first one being “I’ll upload a gif and you give me a 5s mp4 with a dramatic slow zoom-in.” Code Interpreter did exactly that. The transformation was truly mind boggling. It was thought that ChapGPT would not be able to perform this task. The next marvel was it working the spreadsheet – financial model document, after analyzing it gives all the salient features. Probing further it did a deep analysis of the entire document, which might take days or weeks. Extremely powerful, it can rip apart a spreadsheet whichever way you want. Where will data analysts go? Two more examples will prove the point further, from csv file to visualization. All data visualization tasks it can handle. It could extract color palette out of an image, it did and also gave the chain of prompting / code. The journey of code interpreter has hardly started.

Sanjay Sahay

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