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At the core of any company is a vast basket of skills which makes it tick, based on whichever area it is in. Given the pervasive nature and the matured public domain understanding of IT, lets try to fathom out how it works or not? The skills for product development and services would necessarily be different in both, but the complimentary skills has to come out as one set of skills to the customer. While we have all sets of laws / rules / licensing / certification and accreditation mechanisms, there are none for the skills.

Whether the skills match to whatever the company promises to deliver is nobody’s concern. That too being a business and technical entity. This lacunae lies precisely at the core of all technical and business business failures, as the skills don’t match up to the deliverables. There needs to be regulatory mechanism which has the ability to calculate the basic acceptable skills for the creation of the product or running a service. Anything less than that is not acceptable.

An IT Skill Regulatory Authority would add a semblance of sanity. The gap in the quality of delivery expected and real one is the gap created by lack of skills. The body shopping industry created tales of woe of endless customers emanate from the low skills provided at best and at worst, no skills provided but for the degrees and certificates they have. Skills have an uncanny tendency of showing up in results, both good or bad. When the business model is profit only, on the number of bodies shopped, the running thought process is to get it cheapest. The casualty then are the skills.

In a scenario when everything is going the outsourced way, the skills are lost in the wilderness, nobody knows from whom to demand the skills; the main company, the outsourced agents or the person who gets deployed at your end. Everybody wants to hide in the humungous documentation to fulfil the skills mentioned, unfortunately the skills finally demonstrated does not match with it. Does the skills possessed by the team is commensurate to the project / product / service requirements?


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