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Is there a concept beyond reading? What does it actually mean? It is basically a stage when you reach a stage beyond regular reading and what it delivers. We read to understand whatever we intend to. We read to do some basic research to find out or clarify about a couple of things we are interested in. We read to add on to our knowledge. Whatever might be the true cause and the purpose, we restrict ourselves to reading a book or two or an article or so or some restricted reading list.

One reaches beyond reading stage when you can pick up any book or any reading material in a particular wide subject area or areas, can read the whole or a part of it and can add it conveniently to the already acquired knowledge base. Instantly, it can be used for further processed specialised writings, for professional public speaking, for use in projects and lots of other specialised uses by the reader / professional. The reader or the intellectual practitioner is a professional with 360 degrees knowledge of a field or a number of fields.

He is a polymath in more ways than one. The focus on incessant / relentless reading over the years on specific / result oriented topics / issues brings him to a stage wherein he possesses a critical knowledge mass way beyond the readings done. This is the cumulative power of knowledge with unimaginable connects which only he can make. He now has reached the Beyond Reading Stage wherein he can extricate something valuable from whatever he reads.

For whatever this stage might deliver to the person, enterprise or the society, who has time and the energy to put in something so abstract. This does not fit into the knowledge cost benefit model. Harvesting the lowest hanging fruits in the end game of knowledge as it stands today. Unfortunately, its only the few Beyond Reading Stage ones have the capability to redefine society, economy, polity* and academics itself.


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