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Beyond degrees, certifications, job descriptions, salaries and perks, if you ask somebody to tell you his utility, more often than not, he would he completely fauxed. That is precisely so because that is the utility that has been taught to him and that is what he precisely practiced all his his life. A better way of going about it is to ask what utility you have been able to create in yourself. Having created none you would certainly not know your utility. An existential crisis indeed.

That is problem which stares at you at the end of a career or whenever you try to gauge as to what you have on offer for the enterprise, society, community, people in general or for the nation. Even in your professional field how many outside your immediate mandated official relationships look up to you for some guidance. Are you known in your company or organisation for skill/s or professional behavioural traits way beyond your job description? Or further still, you become a well known professional in your area where all fall back on you.

The comfort of being an utility yourself gives you immense professional satisfaction. As human being too that you have gone way beyond the call of duty and have been able to make many things happen. First is takes unimaginable effort to even think on these lines. Then the relentless effort in that area that people start looking up to you for benefitting them. It is more of a penance. There is no guarantee that it will ever happen. And finally give you a feedback of how your exceptional skill has added to their life.

The level of utility a human being can become is limitless. As you go ahead in this journey simultaneously improving yourself as an utility, groups, associations, enterprises et al would get associated with you so that some relevant ideas, connect, skills or knowledge rubs off them, the ones that are not easy come by. This is the human growth story.


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