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The hype, the jargon, tone, tenor, proclamations, promises & assurances have reached a crescendo. Packaging has become the order of the day. Icons can be created out of nowhere. Facts can be created at an alarming pace & the make believe world is ready to lap it. Walk the talk, making life as a model, creating sustainable products & enduring entities, are lost in this battle for enticing people’s mind & hogging the public limelight.

The age of electronic & social media, digital marketing, content management etc has taken over. It’s a face off between challenging facelift’s. The talkers have taken over. It’s the multimedia world. From tv talk shows to slick adds to eflyers, to conferencing everything can be done on this medium. The doers are lost in the ever increasing cacophony. The talkers exceed the number of doers by leaps & bounds. Middlemen of modern times!

Not that doers have died. They are few and far between, uncelebrated & unsung. Sreedharans & Kuriens barely occupy public spaces nor do Amuls, Akshaya Patras and ISROs. What role models can the present day world have? Which are doctors, engineers & scientists have larger than life personas? Who are the public intellectuals & mentors in that category. Who can pay for the present day packaging and for what purpose? The doers have been relegated into the background. They should have been at the center of modern day complex technological ecosystem,& to make a mark in the exponential age of disruption.

The non-performing assets have become the deliverers, bereft the reality. Marketing can wonders but you need a product. What do you market? The start up world is a linkage between half baked ideas brought down into a ppt eagerly waiting to be wedded to an angel investor. This make believe world will get unfixed sooner than later. When it happens, we would have lost the race. Only doers can will deliver. A country sans doers cannot get on to the growth trajectory, sharp & competitive. They lead the way.


Sanjay Sahay

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