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The dark net is the safe haven of the hackers, all sorts of bad guys at the underbelly of the internet, from the drug pedlars to money launderers to mercenary killers, running their own underground economy. The tentacles of Google does not extend to this part of the internet. TOR browser which was created by the US to help support democratic movements across the globe has become the DarkNet’s favourite vehicle for the anonymity and lack of traceability it provides. Away from the maddening crowds, this bliss can be termed Crime Inc. The access is guarded by the tech and human tools you cannot even imagine of. There is nothing unbelievable in the hacking world. In this classic case of hacker breaking into another hacker service, a cyber criminal has leaked the database of the largest free web-hosting provider for the Dark Web services.

The hack contains the email addresses, site admin passwords, and .onion domain private keys. For the law enforcement agencies getting information or getting action taken by IT behemoths is such a difficult task, you can well imagine what it would be, when it comes to the Dark Net. Most of them may even be unaware of it. How many would have the technical wherewithal to get into it and successfully come out of it. ”This information could substantially help law enforcement track the individuals running or taking part in illegal activities on these DarkNet sites.” said Under the Breach, which is a data breach monitoring and prevention service.

KingNull, the hacker who breached Daniel’s hosting (DH) in an extremely professional manner, stole the database and then wiped all the servers. The fascinating fact of this Great DarkNet Robbery is that around 7,600 websites which comprises one third of all Dark Web portals, went down because of this hacking. The hit has been so hard that DH was forced to shut down its service with the request to its clients to move to some new dark web service providers. The DH’s stolen database was hosted on ZDNet, a file hosting portal and notified. This is not the first time this site has suffered a hack. It has been previously breached in Nov 2018.

This hacker seems to the leader of the pack with immense technical capabilities of hacking at will. As per the experts in this field, in 2017, the same anonymous hacker successfully took down Freedom Hosting II, after he discovered that the hosting provider was sheltering child abuse portals. This provides an interesting twist into the intention and motive of the hacker. The data on the data hack is; 3,671 email addresses, 7,205 account passwords, and 8,580 private keys for .onion (Dark Web ) domains. For the purposes of getting the connect, the data dump can be used to tie the owners of leaked email addresses to certain dark web portals.


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