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The pace of computing which Intel has maintained for half a century by now is doubling the compute power every two years. This is known as the  Moore’s law.  This has led to the computers of today and also the supercomputers which are treated as  ultimate computing giants.  This computing power is able to handle big data & IT giants in their  global operations & near real time dynamic analysis.  These conventional computers still fail to provide solutions to huge data issues unimaginable today.  The answer lies in Quantum Computing.

Commercially available best known processors are  15 core Zion Ivy with 4.3 billion transistors & Nvidia with more than 7 billion.  These processors fail to solve humungous problems of the day. Encryption can be one example. In  1980, Russian German mathematician Yuri Mining  proposed the idea of quantum computing. A year later  eminent physicist Richard Feynman  presented a logical quantum computer model. The conventional computer the transistors deal with  binary language , in a quantum computing scenario it is through a  quantum bit ie so called qubit.

It provides us with incredible new possibilities for the  effective processing of databases  beyond what we could have ever imagined.  Based on qubits,  it operates on two key principles of quantum physics   superposition and entanglement.  Using these principles it would be able to solve difficult problems that are  intractable using the conventional computer systems.  With all the hype behind quantum computing, it is still in a nascent stage what classical computing was in the ‘50s. It has the  potential to revolutionize computing.

Pathbreaking, painstaking, arduous & long term research has always decided the course of human development, quantum computing has that potential. Seeing this potential  IBM, Google, Microsoft and Intel  have fully locked in, in this research.  D Wave declares itself as a quantum computing company  & is pioneering this research.  We can’t afford missing out on this quantum leap.


    Sanjay Sahay

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