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From the black & white still camera with lots of manual processing at the back end to colour, then video, later digital, PTZ, infrared, IP enabled and the like,  we are moving ahead to cover all activities of all human beings across the globe,  through public cameras, popularly known as CCTV networks.  Kasab was the iconic catch  & more so since then, is being for varied purposes in public spaces mainly,  for security, crime, anti-terror & traffic purposes.

 Celebrated as the panacea to sorting out the issue of perpetual viability over public spaces , its horizontal spread across geographies both by the govt and the private sector is growing by leaps & bounds. It’s has slowly become a security measure & a  compliance issue to feel safe, though not be mandated regulations to ensure the same.  Security is matter of the brain to start with.

The results which such all encompassing systems should have been stupendous, but that is not the case. The first tenant of CCTV or camera is the  coverage area,  the objective study & its description with nature of requirements can be fair beginning of this exercise. This exercise is not the norm.  The result is areas / angles  / lighting  / overcrowding issues  issues, when the video footage is put to test in a crime investigation or in a security incident. More often than not, the  positioning of the camera is a big issue both individually & cumulatively;  the coverage of whole area by a combination of cameras.

 Comprehensive audit on a regular basis can do wonders.  You will get familiar with the quality of pictures, the activities, can regulate abnormal behaviour & would be able to make continuous improvements. Storage / transfer of feed, all gets checked on a regular basis.   Standards, uniformity and qualitative audit; technical & performance is a must.

 CCTV is the ultimate facilitator in having an impact making surveillance of public spaces.


    Sanjay Sahay

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