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Technology consultancy is an unattended area. If you were to search for an expert technology consultant in any conventional or disruptive IT area, you are not likely to find any. Of the ones you find through some references etc., you will not be able to cross check their authenticity and you will have to finally go ahead with whatever self-promotional material put on the net, by the concerned, if any. There is no way you can cross check any of these and you might end up in a nightmare. You might get some company names, no way individual credentials. That increases effort to understand and takes longer time to gain confidence before deciding on the proposed project.

As time is the essence, it becomes a business handicap. With a host of technologies thrown at your enterprise or organization, you are left with no choice. If you don’t do it, you are out of the system, you lose on the competitive edge, you so desperately intend to achieve. If you do so, you are generally on your own but for high level costing and promises which you can find abound.  The stress, tension and drudgery that would finally befall you, could be one of its kind. Consultancy is a highly skilled game which comes out of years of rigor, which can only happen with knowledge, expertise and practice. Consultants’ independent of the practitioner’s capability to execute are congenitally flawed.

The technology consultancy vacuum has been successfully taken over by the management consultants and technologists are forced to play a second fiddle, for their detriment and of the project. While solving this problem, TechConPro, a startup wants additionally to get the benefits of the whole concept and practice of an aggregator, of a multi sided market, a technology platform and the network effect emanating out of it. The startup thus is solving the problem of non-availability of technology consultancy on the fly. It provides a different level of choice of technologists, products and services, all of which are validated. They are fully open to all sorts of cross verifications and filters, unseen in the consultancy industry. The most fascinating part is that all consultants onboarded are practicing technologists. The technologist’s expertise is front faced to the customer. The technologist or a team of them and / or subject matter experts would stitch the technology solution to a real life technical or business problem. Given the tech exponential age, solutions with new age technologies would be provided. The tedious work of integrating legacy systems is also the company’s mandate.

The solutions have India centric prices. The technologists have the capability to execute and take it to commissioning and beyond. End to end is the name of the game. Seamless integration. Currently, most companies struggle to find consultants/ consultancy firms for their main areas of their work/ operations and for their imminent futuristic requirements. Management and technology consultancy is currently being serviced as synonymous services with practitioners missing. Lack of technology consultancy as a specialized service in a variety of IT areas and consultants not  holding themselves responsible for execution is the problem statement being comprehensively addressed. By providing this critical missing link in tech projects / execution / operations, TechConPro, a Bangalore based startup wants to be the Technology Gamechanger, the country was yearning for.


Sanjay Sahay, Ex. IPS, Founder & Director, TechConPro.

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