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 Has cribbing become our national pastime?  If we calculate the time spend on this activity, it would be sufficient enough to create a New India. While we start the day with  great thoughts being exchanged  over the length & breadth of social media, the day spent further is a  complete antithesis of a thought provoking day . It’s gives a feeling that the one who forwarded the thought didn’t have the time to read it &  to expect the others to read it, more so use it,  is certainly a tall order.

 Cribbing kills creativity, positivity, application of mind & certainly innovation.  We even forget that we have to play a role in the life that is unfolding right in front of us. In such a state of mind where is question of any effort & that too an effort making a difference. With this streak as our  predominant thought , where is the question  of time & energy to  make a difference  to the outside world.

Take the case of our schooling system, all stakeholders; parents, teachers, children & the school managements seems to be  permanently on a cribbing mode.  It develops an  adversarial ecosystem  totally not conducive to make a positive change; while we expect results to the contrary. The issues get  inflated, exaggerated or extrapolated,  with nobody ready to soil his or her hands. Collaboration is not even thought of.  PR agencies are hired to resolve the issues,  which they don’t have even the capability to tinker.

 Social media provides the most fertile ground to crib and moving a stage further it is out an out war, more often than not, turns abusive.  If one is not ready to be dignified in our expressions, what is debate all about. This is the way the societies & communities are moving ahead.

 Positivity vanishes into thin air in this ecosystem.  Cribbing can negate our existence & our personality. Time to change.


    Sanjay Sahay

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