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If you thought digital is just a technology and the internet on its own cannot generate income and is meant for information and communication, you are the farthest from reality. The variety, reach and methods of making money in the Digital world has reached levels which you cannot even imagine. The medium is bursting at its seams, whether you are in the party or not, is the only question. Passive income has become a common lingo and there are thousands or more in this world who are making more through this source than regular employment or occupation. There are instances where people have given up regular jobs and jumped on to this bandwagon.

There are also lots who try their luck on the part time basis and once they make the mark move out on a full time basis. While the world is busy with the WhatsApp University content others are making businesses, out of nowhere on the digital media platforms and making a fortune out of it. This is not being taught in regular forums, as to how to get into and how to make a career out of it, when there is unemployment all around the place. For once your expertise and your capability to communicate the relevant content has become a business in itself. It a different world compared to the standardized expertise and skills which found employment till recent times.

There are successes which have come out of nowhere to rule the YouTube world. YouTuber has become a profession. *From a simple driver / mechanic to philosophers everyone has a market there, the medium being video and reach global, being monetized at different rates in different geographies. A medical student started a YouTube channel and subsequent monetization, then passive income beating the regular income and way beyond. He today runs his own company catering to his passion in the new profession; A YouTuber. YouTube as a platform is one of the digital income generators. You build your own business and your brand. It is an organic growth. The first target is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of videos viewed, to make the cut to the monetized fraternity.

There are lots who made a transition to a different level becoming an Amazon Associate, the methods of business there can be as diverse as the number of associates, if you study the backend. Imagination can do wonders. Everything sells in every mode; you have to make it happen. Paid promotions on video have slowly become the norm. It has become a clear-cut mode of very polished advertising; the detailing, the lingo and commitment, which no normal ad can ever generate. It can be treated as a very creative way of business development. Google AdSense is another way of making money. Google is the biggest advertising company in the world, you can also have a small share. Passive digital income to a full-fledged digital cottage industry type business, digital incomes are transforming the world.


Sanjay Sahay

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