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Talk to anybody around on anything and most well educated people who have reasonable knowledge and have gone through life’s experience, would dish out standardised formulas of different aspects of professional nitty gritty, of knowledge acquisition, of career growth, of making your presence felt, of working on a team or leading one and tonnes of problems and opportunities one faces in day to day life. These standardised formulas have not worked, is not working and will never work is a fact of life. It is the biggest challenge to make them work. The easiest thing that goes in its favour is that easy to understand.

Does understanding a non-workable strategy is of any value? The standardised formula is finding a job as per your competence, that competence is static and most weird formula is having faith in your competence to decide your competencies. It has been proven the world over that people who play around with their competencies like fire are the ones who are able to take their competencies to the superhuman level. Its the connoisseurs of talent who have capability to spot and make it happen – a treat the world sees, relishes and enjoys. The standardised formula is leave it to kids to decide.

An average child generally decides what his peer group decides and what the ecosystem tends to dictate. This is based on a standardised formula of least or no friction. You will be told not to get into any friction, do it in a smooth manner. Unfortunately, nothing happens smooth and no achievement can happen in that manner. Their is an effort formula for each task, activity or milestone decided on some outmoded effort – result matrix. Nobody will tell you that finding out a formula based on your capabilities, grit, determination and courage is the formula of life.

Standardised formulas have immense commercial value, there is one for everything from a PowerPoint presentation to submitting the winning bid to the secret formula to become the best orator / leader. But the professionals who scaled ultimate heights always have a different story. Life is to be discovered, explored and charted out to your goals, purposes and final fulfilment.


Sanjay Sahay

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