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With all the bounties a new technology brings to life, the pitfalls are not far behind. The criminals and nefarious have for long been the fastest and the best adopters of technology. Nation states also have great demands out of emerging technologies as tools of espionage and war. China, Russia and North Korea have shown to the world as to what havoc Cyber Insecurity can wreck. With Drones being on way to becoming tools of war, companies are showing ways and means of hacking them. In the days to come, hacking drones and have a great defence against getting hacked, would play a pivotal role in how well this technology can be used for lots of purposes.

All the laws, rules, SOPs and enforcement in place wouldn’t be enough to provide a Safe Drone Sky, so it seems from the capabilities the drones are gaining and the benefits all sorts of actors can derive out of it. Drones as it stands even today can be termed as a veritable security nightmare. With the crazy array of sensitive electronics on board, “they can maneuver into places larger devices can’t, and do so unnoticed.” They can fly over prisons, private homes, war zones or clandestine factories and take snap shot or two which the owners would not like to happen. It is an ultimate war machine unleashed on the very concept of privacy itself. It an ideal machine for espionage of every conceivable type and be out without a trace, leaving you even more clueless than a sophisticated hack.

Some of these wonder birds can see through walls, create high resolution floor plans of the facility inside, can cause problems for secure site by taking pics and putting people on the ground at risk and can themselves be used as weapons at places like stadiums or oil refineries, where it can fatal. Given the impending damage which can happen, people have started to give a thought to how best this risk can be managed. Anti-drone measures are bound to become an industry.

The Drone Wars have begun. Simplest solution is shoot them out air, legality and collateral damage can be the issues. Digitally hacking drones, sounds like a viable solution with hackers all around already. Drones are versatile yet vulnerable. Generally, they do not have anti-hacking inbuilt features / measures. There is no drone security. “Using radio frequency jamming techniques and denial of service attacks, the technology forces drones to land.” Drone Wars have begun.


Sanjay Sahay

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