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Speculate, we all can, about our future growth,  the stock market, future of various sectors & how lots of evolving issues we unfold. We  never get into the super macro level;  the quality of modern democratic leaders and consequently, the health of the nations & in a cumulative manner, the health of the world. We have somehow  reposed full faith in the democratic systems,  though the evidence suggests to the contrary & henceforth,  there is hardly any speculative discussion on its fate  or an agenda to set it right.

Fork Watergate to our own emergency to the present Kenyan elections, the emergence of Trump,  we treat it as aberrations of democracy rather than a reflection on the democratic leadership being thrown  up on a regular basis, which is consistently deciding our fate. However much we would like to believe on the contrary, the  voter, citizen or the real sovereign is totally outside the democratic power game.  Parties change, leaders change but has the nation or the voter does not got its due.

The big headlines of the  leaders & their deeds  may be very  rationally  explained by  the black sheep narrative.  But the alternate view, a speculation, might be more than equally true. Behind every  known act of cheat, deceit & hidden agenda  or just completely ignorant decisions out of sheer ego, there seems to be a perceptible feeling growing, globally,  that nearly all decisions are made in this manner.

Speculation no doubt,  we might not be privy to those decisions,  we  certainly feel its impact. It’s needs to be discussed & brought to the world centre stage,  the biggest stakeholder should be a consistent party to democratic decision making.  New modalities have to be worked out.  Our fate should not get sealed with the ballot, it has to start with it.  Speculate on the democratic times ahead, to find a roadmap. Our fate cannot be left in the hands of the  Democratic Few.  Political thought is an ongoing process, dynamic & evolving.


    Sanjay Sahay

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