Daily Post 1355


Confidence is built on one’s harsh experiences, tough and intriguing times, learning out of it, being successful for once and then again sometime later till reaching a point when you are successful every single time. Failure might still happen one odd time but that is what is life all about. If certainty is guaranteed, human life would become so redundant. We slowly learn how confidence life cycle operates and we start experimenting in newer and newer areas and lo and behold it is always successful. Over a period of time you realise the nitty gritty of this confidence ball game. The crux of matter is that effort needs to happen with unstinted focus. Otherwise it will get stuck even in the 1000th time.

The story becomes dicey when this confidence life cycle is a make believe one. On the face of it, it would look completely genuine till the time the fraud is caught. They will give you a feeling that the individual or the enterprise has come the hard way, through the learning mode and they have the capability to deliver but at the first burst of summer, they literally melt. People have no method to validate so we take it on it’s face value. But at times the validation comes from the skies as in the case of COVID-19 and the organisation and persons in charge, pertains to the World Health Organization. But for COVID-19 the bluff would have been never called.

Confident individuals all around the place from consultants to fake practitioners abound our holy land. Their story is not of having confidence themselves but to get into your desired wants and create confidence in you. The person then will support his candidature not only for his confidence but also for this professional expertise, which he would have never displayed. But seeing his overt display confidence you would feel that way. Selling confidence in a society, economy and polity where there is none is a big business. Finally, whether it succeeds or not, nobody bothers as long as each one is able to make his moolah.

Lack of confidence is our DNA. Exposing it would be suicidal. Truly gaining confidence would be a gigantic task. Mostly success would not come their way. But one has to necessarily prove oneself successful in life. In the digital, multimedia, social media world, failing is a blasphemy. In a society where nobody fails, nobody succeeds as well. The society becomes stagnant and same is fate of polity too and by extrapolation economy too. This is the whirlpool we are in. Where to go nobody knows.


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