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When stigma gets corrupted, then what binds goodness and moral norms in society? When that does not happen, we keep going down to abysmal depths even without realising it. Think of various social stigmas twenty years back, how many of it are we left with and how of many of them have been totally or partially corrupted. It means that stigma has gotten accepted. Now it is not a matter of concern, leave aside any outcry emanating out of it. Some don’t even warrant lip service. The stigmatised so to say move not only as equals, but remain snooty as if nothing has happened. They command supplication making that part of their life a non-event.

The interesting irony is that those activities never attracted any scorn while it was being practiced for decades together. Then legality moves in. The legal wiz kids generally crack it through the courts, once in a while it does not turn out to be successful and the person goes to jail. Is being corrupt a stigma is the biggest question the society needs to ask? If that is not the case then how far can law take you and against how many. Once the person moves out of jail after a four year term, the distance of around 350 kms takes around twenty hours to cover. That is the aura of the person. You can replace it with any other word you feel like.

The kith and kin being in the same game in a similar instance, again rock the political boat nearly in their favour. People seem to long forgotten the corrupt deeds, law taking its own time to catch up. Corruption is only part of the story in a bigger canvas of stigma itself getting corrupted. Fielding candidates with known anti-social antecedents to registered outrageous criminal acts and even chargesheeted and under trial is a clear indication of the political and social acceptability of such gentleman. Might be somewhere down the line, the faith of society in both instant gratification and results validate the means, seems to have made an indelible impact.

The labyrinth of law is the ideal playing ground for the crooked and corrupt. Very few of the actual numbers have the proud privilege to get caught or investigation initiated or both. The labyrinth of sections, acts, interpretation at differential levels and the process helps the vast majority to pass their life peacefully. They anyway deserve the benefit of doubt. The true North Star being, ”Let a hundred guilty be acquitted, but one innocent should not be convicted.” Then you have the one or the counted few who finally get convicted, the delay notwithstanding, get sympathy of the vast majority. Their friends and sympathisers blame it on bad luck, because most like them are having fun and frolic. Once they are out of jail, they are welcomed with open arms and the chosen ones get a hero’s welcome.


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