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That the environment has been changing across the world, courtesy issues related to the use and value of data, attempt to keep job within the national boundaries, outright nationalism, bad relations between nations because of various provocations and issues related to asymmetric trade. With the data flows, flows power, the aggregation of data means concentration of power and capability to do artificial intelligence on it, gives you billions of dollars in profits. When one is nearly sure of the flow of data, against the interests of the nation, the only choice left is of banning the apps, software, gadgets indulging in this diversion. With the ban on TikTok, similar local apps are on a spiral.

TikTok is not just an app, today it connotes a data swindling mechanism. Donald Trump has issued an executive order that would effectively ban the app in US next month. The country is certainly an issue. The bigger issue is the access to data, influence, being a part of the decision making making process, doing critical documentation and guiding the powers that be. This can be much more insidious than a few apps. The location is critical, and permanent positioning for years together. Where does the data, information, analysis and feelers travel in which manner, there has been no research done in this regard. These are the supposedly world class consultants, the TikTok consultants we can call them. Without any expertise in any area, they seem to have slowly become omnipotent.

They have a finger in every pie. For any business enterprise the backend connects in a manner beyond anybody’s imagination. The AI enabled IT MNC enterprises have wrecked data tsunami on the world, can the MNC management consultants be far behind. It would he extremely difficult to differentiate between the business conduct of a Google with a McKinsy, in all probability Google would turn out to be way fairer.* These consultancy companies go deep into the skin of any assignment they take and that intelligence build on specific data, operations, history and geography remains with them for all times to come. It becomes a part of their institutional memory.

In the days of Atmanirbhar Bharat, they don’t have a place in this country. There are tonnes of extremely talented persons within and outside the concerned organisations, using these consultancy facilities, who can deliver way better. A host of world class consultancy companies would grow up in short span of time. Instead of the Management camouflaged technology, technology practitioner consultants can deliver the moon. Presentation skills with waterfall charts cannot deliver beyond a level and that is where we are stuck up. Tata and Relaince can happen in this area too. It would be rock solid. We can then go to the world. We can’t afford to miss the Fourth Industrial Revolution. India’s tech enabled growth story can be immensely facilitated by home grown consultants, who are of the world class and know the complexities of Indian delivery.


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